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It's always a pleasure to hear new sonic work from Mathieu, and this CD release begins 2011 for the artist and label in fine form. A single 60minute track of thoughtful sound design. Using three advanced techniques (entropic setup,spectral analysis and convolution processes) Mathieu re-imagine's Janeck Shaefer's 'Extended Play' release with fascinating results.

The composition begins with a 'slow to form' arc of subdued vinyl crackle and mid to high register drones, shortly after lower base tones fade in, underpinning the emerging sounds. Mathieu's placement of the individual textures in the sonic landscape allow the whole composition to breathe throughout, and this creates a wonderful backdrop for contemplation. This piece works very well both on headphones, and in a room setting played at a relaxing volume.

As tiny flecks of sound enter during the halfway mark, it becomes clear that the processes Mathieu employs allow the original harmonic colouration of "Extended Play" to shine through, while at the same time providing a fresh perspective with which to view this work.

As the piece fades out, Mathieu's skill in thoughtful sound design is clearly evident. The familiarity of the original paralleled against Mathieu's skillful reworking and application of processes cements a feeling of nostalgia and yet still provides a piece that will reveal fresh new textures and narrative's with each listen.

An excellent release.