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(3-inch cd-r)

Machinefabriek's style is instantly identifiable.
And one which due to its nature allows for a vast array of different tones and textures to be used but still remarkably remain within an area of modern minimalist sound design.This 21+ minute sonic journey is an alternate edit of a soundtrack recorded for 'In Your Star', the latest film by Japanese experimental film maker Makino Takashi.

The track opens with fragment's of a N.A.S.A operative describing the procedure for a moon landing As this sample grabs the listener attention an elusive drone minor key in design secretly fades in.With the spoken word ending, crunching static debris crumble in the stereo field while reflective drones expand and resonate thought the open ambiance.Bass frequencies hum and oscillate and higher frequencies shimmer and collide, like asteroids smashing into each sending shards of rock across the open expanse. Soon the ornamental textures fade away, leaving calm submerged threads of analogue drone.
During this period in the track the mood shifts in emotion suggesting a change. Field recordings of people talking,birds singing and the waves of the sea crashing over shore usher's in the half way mark, suggesting a second narrative. Machinefabriek could be using these new 'earth recording's ' as a way for us to grasp in a sonic sense the beginning and end point of the Apollo mission?

The clever use of the stereo field and harmonic design, along with subtle audio suggestions of narrative, theme and context make this composition a real treat for the discerning ear. Fans of minimalist and drone music will appreciate the mix of lo-fi and hi-fi textures, along with the mastering which is rich and warm. Complementary to both headphone and 'quiet room' listening. 'Apollo' is a must have for both the sound design fan, and the edition collector.

It is released in an edition of 200 numbered copies and comes in an over sized heavy paper sleeve. It costs 7 euro including world-wide shipping .

Great work!