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Using solo electric guitar, effects pedals, e-bow and a trusty laptop Steiner creates a warm textured 26minute composition.The track was made in August 2010 during a 'sleepless night' the artist recalls. And with this in mind a definite feeling of calm, reflective introspection comes through on the opening moment's of untitled.

The piece opens with measured picked notes, slow looping and hushed in nature and attack. Additional notes and phrases fade in and augment the rote note's as the whole composition subtly ebbs and flows.This recording certainly projects the time of day it was recorded in, as the artist makes good use of light processing and deft use of delay and reverb, capturing the relaxed and nocturnal mood of the night time.

As the remaining shards of harmonics and carefully picked notes tie the composition to a close 'Untitled' leaves with you with a quiet atmosphere conveying tranquility, and wanting to listen to the whole process again. A great headphone listen for the quieter moments of the day.

On the strength of this track were looking forward to Steiner's future releases,
an excellent piece of work.