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We have been following the work of these artist's for quite some now, both known for their deft instrumental use and modern textural considerations. This album on the excellent Tench label finds both artist's using their favored instruments: piano, Kyoto and laptop. And at the same time maybe due to the constraints of dual compositional roles both artists approach sound and texture design from an interesting new angle.

The first two tracks meld together effortlessly as restrained piano and micro sounds seep into the empty space allowing both the silence and notes to speak in equal measure , adding conceptual weight and momentum to the album. As the third track enters with static and graceful repeating notes the album offers alternative angles on this concept of using silence in equal measure to say just as much as the notes themselves. The piece hold back harmonically in the first few minutes letting texture's and elusive melody take center stage . Although track 3 is different in attack and clarity ,its hold's the listeners attention well while subtly hinting at future sonic events to be explored in the continuing tracks.

The middle section of the album is a real treat for fans of ambient and sound design music as a vast array of melodic textures and looped fragments fill the full frequency range balancing the more instrumental area's of the album, with introspective analysis and harmonic melancholy.

As Prosa ends with the short ' Vi ' the memories of the opening piano fragments of the album come back to mind, reminding us of the real beauty of this work, and also the journey through all the various textures and elegant instrumental use .A masterful use of simplicity of design and a thoughtful selection of found sounds and note choice.

This work would suit both headphone and quiet room setting's to grasp the real depth of this album. A real rich piece of clever contemporary music.